Sven Kadak


Tallinn University of Technology campus application

During my studies at Tallinn University of Technology, me and a group of friends created a campus application for students and university personnel. It was available on Android and web.

In the beginning, we only provided café menus. Although we didn't receive support from cafés and had to manually insert menus ourselves, we had hundreds of hungry users who wanted to find out the best dishes from cafés all around the campus.

Later, we expanded the application with timetables, events and tried to crowdsource menus, but shut it down soon after.

Technologies used


This project was built by Pärlin Luhila, Hans Joosep Lahe, Rickard Kruusberg and Sven Kadak (me). My main responsibilities were the application server and the HTTP API, but I also worked on the web application's front end.