Sven Kadak


Platform for service providers and people that are looking for one

Servico started out as a course project in Introduction to Entrepreneurship in Tallinn University of Technology. We started with specifying the idea, carried out user interviews with potential clients and eventually created a detailed business plan. At the end of the course, a small pitching event was organized for the most promising ideas. Out of ~180 teams, Servico was selected as the best idea.

We also had the opportunity to participate in the Skype University Hackathon. In 2.5 days we brought the idea to life by building a basic prototype. After Pärlin delivered an excellent pitch, Servico won the Skype & Microsoft award and was voted people's favorite among participants.


The team behind Servico was Pärlin Luhila, Hans Joosep Lahe and Sven Kadak (me).