Sven Kadak

Tallinn Tech Scene

Job board that aims to give the most complete overview of tech jobs in Tallinn, Estonia, by including all relevant tech-related positions from all companies that are hiring

In my opinion, most existing job boards are fundamentally broken because they charge companies per job posting. As most companies have more than a handful of positions available across multiple departments, they never post all of them to a single job board because of how ridiculous the pricing gets.

Although most job boards provide a way to filter jobs by keywords, it doesn't help the fact that there is no data to search from.

I decided to tackle this problem in Tallinn, Estonia, by creating Tallinn Tech Scene. Its goal is to aggregate all available positions in local tech companies and label them with the most relevant information to make finding desirable positions a breeze.

At this time, there are more than 350 open positions listed by over 50 companies.

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